Your Face Will Freeze Like That!

Photographing children is a task best accomplished quickly.  Fumbling with the camera, taking too many shots or taking too long to make the shot can all lead to childish behavior that is not conducive to good photography.  That is unless you have PhotoShop and know how to make animated GIFs.  Left to right we have Liz, Dan, Val, Mouse, Dave and Janet.  Liz’s sign starts off “Robin”, but we couldn’t read anymore of it.  I warned them at the time, that their faces would freeze like that.  Maybe, I should have been clearer and said, your face will freeze frame like that.  😆

Friday night was a late night.  I even stayed up late enough to watch a little of Conan O’Brian’s last Tonight Show.  Saturday morning I got up and rode in the Park.  The Saint Louis Track Club was setting up for one of their races, but I was done before they got started.  I got fifteen miles.  I worked most of Saturday.  I’m working on a short fuse activity, so at least it won’t last too long.

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