221B Baker Street is the fictional home of Doctor Watson and Sherlock Holmes.  Friday night is date night. When will we see sunshine and blue sky again in Saint Louis?  Friday night, Anne and I went out for dinner and a movie.  For dinner we went to Little Saigon in the Central West-End.  Afterwards we went to go see the movie Sherlock Holmes at the Chase. 

Little Saigon, is my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Saint Louis.  Dan discovered Lemon Grass for us and Barbara at work loves it to, but I like the elegance of Little Saigon.  I’m also willing to pay the higher prices.  With a seven o’clock show time, we got seated before six.  In fact we were the first table seated.  During lulls in our own dinner table conversation, I overheard the following conversation:  I teach at Washington University, at their west campus, in the old Famous Barr department store building.  I’m on the second floor, you know, Literature, History and Lingerie.  By the time that we left for the movie, almost half of the tables were occupied.  Hopefully, we were just ahead of the curve.

The Chase is a grand old dame.  Originally, just a hotel, President Ronald Reagan stayed there, the last time he came to town.  Nowadays, it is half hotel, half condos.  The movie theater that we visited adjoins ballrooms.  Friday night coincided with the Regional Council Growth Association’s annual Father-Daughter Dance.  Plenty of young teen girls dressed to the nines with their Dads, but nary a young stud muffin to be found.

Sherlock Holmes was more action movie than date movie.  The trailers were the first sign, Iron Man II, etc.  We both liked the movie, but I think that we would both would agree that it was more DVD worthy than theater worthy.  I think that we will go see the new George Clooney movie, Up in the Air.  It is suppose to be a comedy and parts of it were shot in Saint Louis.  Besides it is at the Moolah Temple, now a movie theater, featured as Saint Louis’ largest living room.  It sports couches and Lazy-Boys for seating.

The picture with this post is of hollyhocks, from Williamsburg, Virginia.  Anne took this picture during The Great Bicycle Adventure of 1982.  The yellow flower and a bee header is from that era too.

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  1. That is not a hollyhock! I think it is Digitalis (Foxglove).

    Incidentally, I haven’t been able to get my email for several days. Something is fishy.

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