Tomatoes of Wrath

Annie created the movie featured with this post, Tomatoes of Wrath.  The movie features a flock (a thundering herd?) of cherry tomatoes and her brother Thomas, as the talent.   It is a stop action animation.  This is a painstaking method for creating animations.  The process works by taking a picture of the scene, moving the object in the scene ever so slightly and then taking another picture.  This is the same method that Frank uses for his Cornelius movies.  She created it as part of a class project.  Enjoy!

Thursday was a snow day, at least for Anne.  Anne’s school closed, so she got the day off.  I however had to go to work, because the plant had not closed and I was too cheap to spend a vacation day.  The drive into work was at times a bit dicey, but I made it into work just fine.  When I made my usual stop at Starbucks, I was the only customer in line.  Based upon the car count in the parking lot, I would say that only about half of the staff had made it into work.  As if driving in the snow wasn’t going to be exciting enough there was a police action going on not too far from work.  Someone had gone postal and shot a bunch of his co-workers.  It made the national news.  One of my co-workers is related to one of the wounded.  On the drive home the roads were relatively clear and traffic was lighter than usual.  Now it is time to brace for single digit temperatures.  Let the fun begin!

My Christmas present from David was the book, The COMPLETE Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.  This helpful, how to book is chock full of horrible situations and suggestion for how to get out of them.  But I think that it offers a myriad of other possibilities.  Here are a few examples:

Page sixty-six explains how to manufacture hair-balls.  It is artfully disguised under the title, How to Save Your Cat from Choking.  It explains how easy it is to use the Heimlich Maneuver to make hair-balls around the house. 

We could look at advice for escaping from a bear, but escaping from a gorilla is all so much more blog-worthy.  As today’s post so aptly shows, I am always looking for good blog material and escaping from a gorilla has to engender at least a few hits.  Try grooming the gorilla’s arm, the one with its vice-like grip on your own.  I assume that use your free hand to do this with.  Unfortunately the guide doesn’t offer any advice on what I feel is a crucial bit of etiquette:  Do you, or do you not, eat the nits that you pick?

How do you deal with escaped lobsters?  The guide recommends closing doors to cut off escape route first.  Wear oven mitts to protect your hands and use a pot lid as a shield to herd the lobsters.  Grasp the lobster from behind and place it in a large pot of boiling water or you could practice your best Woody Allen as in Annie Hall imitation.  This is sure to impress everyone at your dinner party.  Just be sure to brief your date and get them involved, so you don’t look too wierd.

Although, I could not find any suggestions on how to deal with Tomatoes of Wrath, I still think that this volume has blog merit.  We just might see some reoccurrence on this theme.  I’ll have to think about this.

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