Best Photos of 2009

It seems as though everybody and their brother has a best of list or two at this time of year.  Well, I’ve got one too.  So, I would like to present to you twelve of my best pictures, that were taken in 2009.

Today’s header was taken last January in the Temperate House at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  It shows a portion of a Clanwilliam Daisy.  The first picture in this post’s gallery shows a Palm Beach Sunrise.  This was taken in Florida, on the first morning of our vacation there last winter.  Then next picture shows Charles the Great Horned Owl.  This one was taken in the Park last winter.  The California Poppies were taken in the front yard of my folk’s house in Monterey, California.  Tahquamenon Falls is next.  I think this one was actually taken by Dan, whoops.  Next is a Great White Egret, taken in the Park.  A Dragonfly is next, again from the Park.  The Gone to Seed pod was taken while biking along Grant’s Trail, in south Saint Louis County.  A very red Cabin Sunset is up next.  The Juvenile Osprey were photographed in Vermont, on our Quebec trip of last summer.  We’re back in the Park again for a Foggy Dawn along my favorite bike path.  Fall Maple Leaves were also taken in the Park.  The final picture was taken in Oak Knoll Park, which is only a block from the house.

I used these pictures to make a 2010 calendar and then I distributed it as a Christmas present this year.  Didn’t get one?  Not to worry, just contact my new publisher, Lulu, and for just $12.49 plus shipping you can own one too.  Be sure to preview it (its right below the picture), I wouldn’t want you to buy any pig in a poke.  😉

2 thoughts on “Best Photos of 2009

  1. We first heard of the calendar from Carl’s parents. We were a bit confused, but recovered nicely. It is wonderful, and we are debating whether I get to bring it to work or not. (I will even admit to glancing around the page with the Ospreys looking for the description.)

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