The pictures with today’s post show three different herons, a Yellow Crowned Night Heron, a Black Crowned Night Heron and a Green Heron. These pictures were taken in the Park, but they really are just unused leftovers from last summer. It is mid-November now and all these birds have fled south for warmer climes, but today being a travel day, I thought that I would use them anyway. I’m in Texas today, in Dallas-Fort Worth to be specific. I left Saint Louis on Monday, while it was cold and wet. It is warmer and definitely dryer here. So, I guess this trip is sort of a mini-migration too.

3 thoughts on “Herons

  1. Love herons. They’re one of my favourite birds; probably my favourite birds that isn’t a notable bird of prey. It’s interesting to see Herons in north america, which seem somewhat different to in Europe. The largest image above looks like the ones I’m familiar with while the other two species of Heron are interesting but unfamiliar. They appear slightly smaller than the first heron on the left? Real interesting stuff, anyway.

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