Flying Saucers

The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium is probably the best bar in town. Its name doesn’t have anything to do with space aliens, but rather with saucers as in cups and saucers. All of the walls and ceiling are covered with saucers. Some are just decorative, some of them have been signed by celebrities and some of them have funny epithets. That is this bar’s décor and how the first half of its name came to be. The draught emporium part of the place’s name comes from the plentiful beer selection. The picture below shows just a selection of the beers that are on draft. There are even more bottled beers to choose from. On the front door is a plaque that says: This building has history. If you touch the plate you’re history. On the menu it says that the Flying Saucer was created in 1995. I guess if you drink beer, your memory is short.

The following is a joke courtesy of Dave:

A mathematician and engineer catch a Leprechaun at the same time. The Leprechaun brings the two of them to his pot of gold and says, “Each of you will stand the same distance away and can approach the pot one half the distance at a time. whoever gets there first wins the prize.”

The mathematician thought about this and said, ” but i’ll never actually get there!”

The engineer smiled and said, “I’ll get close enough”

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