Team Kaldis

Anne Streaks by the Camera

 Anne and I biked in the Park on Saturday.  The weather was beautiful, partly sunny and warm.  Imagine seventy degrees in mid-November.  We got separated on our ride.  I had to go use a restroom and Anne was taking pictures.  We rendezvoused again on our was out of the Park.  I saw fellow Team Kaldis teammates, Bill and Mary walking their grandchildren in the Park.  Saturday night another couple of teammates, Gary and Linda, threw a party for the team.  It was a great party, enough said.

Todays header was composed from a triptych of oil paintings  by Max Pechstein, called Bay of Monterosso.  The originals are on display in the Saint Louis Art Museum.  I like the bright colors.

File this next bit under, the family that makes movies together, stays together.  The following movie is the latest masterpiece from my brother Frank.  It is called Flying Pengy.

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