Marabou Stork

Marabou Stork

The Marabou Stork is a relatively large and ungainly bird that lives in sub-Sahara Arica’s wetlands and open country.  It can also be found near small towns and villages.  This stork feeds on aquatic life, the scavenged remains of lion kills and human garbage.  Marabous are also frequent invaders of flamingo flocks, where they prey on eggs and chicks.  Both parents share the job of sitting on the nest.  This stork’s throat pouch contains air sacs that the bird can inflate and deflate.  It is believed to play a role in courtship.

This has been an interesting week at work.  No lion kill’s, as of yet, but there is still plenty of the usual human garbage.  I continue to try to scavenge a career among the remains and try to stay one step ahead of the aquatic life.  There are no throat pouches at work, but next week I somehow wish that I had one, because I need to court an audience.

I have a presentation to do next week.  It is a standup presentation.  At this presentation, I will be suited, I will be miked and I’ll have a teleprompter.  Well actually it will only be a computer monitor on the floor in front of me, but it still will allow me to look at the slides without turning away from the audience.  Behind me, there will be the big screen.  As with any Marquis Production there will be quite a few pictures.  There are even some movies in the show.  However, as with many Marquis posts the words do not come easily to me.

I’ve been practicing giving this talk for a week and preparing for it for many weeks more.  I have gotten better at speaking to it, but I still feel pretty rough about it.  I am not a good orator.  I do much better conveying information in a conversation than in front of an audience.  This talk is a challenge for me, but it is also an opportunity.  I intend to meet this opportunity.  I intend to jump into it with both feet.  I can do it.  Yes I can!  Wish me luck, please.

5 thoughts on “Marabou Stork

  1. Practicing at home? Rey was sent to you for a reason. He must earn his keep – let him sit through at least one presentation.

  2. I am better at doing presentations than I used to be although admittedly, I have never been miked or teleprompted. I feel your pain on getting the words to come out in some kind of reasonable order. I figured out at a relatively advanced age that it’s just how my brain works. I can write intelligibly (although those who read my blahg may beg to differ) because I can go back and edit everything to death. Having a powerpoint or just an html prototype (like I have at work) helps. And so do plenty of pictures.

    I don’t practice presentations for work but when I was taking classes, practicing at home saved my butt! Especially when there was a time limit on the presentation and the teacher sat back there with a watch!

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