City Museum’s Rooftop

I meant to post this earlier in the week, but the boys just got ahead of me. This post is a reprise of our visit on Saturday of the City Museum.  I know that I have already posted about this trip, but I would like to delve a bit deeper into the experience.  The City Museum was all new to Rey, but the rooftop was new to all of us.  As soon we first got to the museum we headed to the rooftop.  We took the elevator.  After days of rain the air was clear and visibility was near perfect.  We all first climbed up to view the giant praying mantis and then view the skyline from that vantage point. 

Anne and I subsequently rode the Ferris wheel.  For years, Anne has kidded me for my queasiness on the double Ferris wheel at a fair long ago, during high school.  Now I have her queasiness on the City Museum’s single rooftop Ferris wheel to compare my past to.  There was a great view of north Saint Louis from the wheel.  You could see the old water tower on the north side, that looked like a Roman column.  You could also see the old Falstaff Brewery.  Although Falstaff was still in business when we first moved to Saint Louis, this brewery had already closed and the beer brewing had moved across the river to Illinois.

I got Anne to climb to the top of what I’ve called the glided cage and to flap her arms like a bird.  Speaking of birds, I got a picture of some pigeons, the so called city chickens, roosting on some nice stone work.  I also got a picture of an elephant fountain.  Finally, I got a couple of nice pictures of Rey, one looking down from the top of the Ferris wheel and the other looking underneath the rooftop’s school bus. 

After our visit to the rooftop of the City Museum, we eschewed the elevator and took the eleven flights of stairs back down to the ground.  After the rooftop we explored both the outside maze that continued to test one’s susceptibility to acrophobia and then the inside maze with its test of claustrophobia.  Finally, we checked out some of the exhibits, before checking out.

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