Slow Saturday

Cone Flower

Rey launched for Kansas City just before the butt-crack of noon.  He plans on visiting the American Negro League Baseball Museum there and then attending a soccer match.  We don’t expect him back until the wee hours of the morning.  [He made it back.]

Anne and I really didn’t do anything on Saturday.  Rey showed Anne his picture collection in the morning and I ran the errands in the afternoon.  We couldn’t even muster a bike ride in the Park.  We’ve both been working pretty hard this week, so maybe we just needed a rest day.

I spent most of the day playing the video game Civilization, version IV to be specific.  I use to play version III quite addictively, but then version IV came out and I had to try it.  This was two desktops ago, so when I tried to play version IV on what I had at the time it really didn’t work.  That old computer just couldn’t hack it.  So three years ago I bought a new desktop.  I loaded up version IV and tried it again.  Although this newer machine made the game at least playable, it really didn’t make it enjoyable.  So even though I had bought that desktop in order to play Civilization IV, I never really did.  I eventually started blogging instead.

Last month that second desktop crapped out and I bought a newer machine.  Saturday I loaded Civilization IV on this new machine and started playing it.  Rey left for Kansas City.  About three o’clock Anne and I decided to blow off going biking for the day.  I ran the errands and then returned to game some more.  Anne needed dinner so I took a second break for that.  Eventually, about nine I got tired of the game.  I am going to win, it is just a matter of me civilizing the competing powers.

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  1. Thanks for the safely home Rey report. Did he tell you he got good TV face time? Although I don’t suppose it was televised anywhere other than Seattle and maybe Kansas City.

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