Dancing in the Streets

Saturday morning Anne and I walked to the Clayton Diner in downtown Clayton. Our original plan was to walk to the Clayton farmer’s market, but about the time that I learned that it was no longer at its original site, but had moved further away, we were walking by the Clayton Diner. So we stopped for breakfast. It is a diner, plain and simple. The food was just OK. At least it was smoke free. Afterwards we walked home and manage to beat out the rain. Our morning walk was all the exercise that we got that day. The rest of the day’s rains precluded our plans to bike over to Grand for the Dancing in the Streets Festival.

Joanie called while we were waiting out the rain. She and Pat were heading over to Grand for the Dancing in the Streets Festival and wanted to know if we wanted to go with them. We begged off because of the rain and told them that we would meet them there later. An hour later the rain ended and we drove over to Grand Center. Our first stop at Grand Center had nothing to do with dance, but was at the neighboring Earthway’s Green Home Festival. It was basically a block of tented booths, mainly vendors and nonprofit groups, but they were handing out some free stuff.

We eventually made it to the Dance Festival and hooked up with Joanie and Pat pretty quickly. The pictures in the gallery with this post are ordered in the order that we saw the different acts. In the two hours that we were there we actually saw more acts, there are just the most photogenic of them. The first group that is pictured is the African dance group. This group is unique in that it is one of the few dance groups that had males in the company. The acrobats of Duo Adamo, started their performance directly behind the crowd that had just watched the African dancers. They performed an aerial strap routine. Immediately after the acrobats were done the crowd was asked to pirouette again as yet another act commenced behind the crowd. I must commend the stage managers of this dance festival, throughout this sequence of acts they managed to pull off their stated goal of creating an interactive audience experience. This third act was reminiscent of that Antwerp railway station YouTube video. The music started and people started jumping out of the crowd and into a highly choreographed dance routine.  Well it never quite reached the same level as on the YouTube video, but hey this was only the afternoon crowd.

In addition to the more formal acts there were also wandering street performers, like the green guy. They added to the festival’s atmosphere. The next three photos are from the tap stage. They represent a selection of the acts that we watched. I don’t know the actual name of these acts, so I’ll identify them by the song that they danced to. Naturally, I selected the Push Bike girls, with their bicycle handle bar props. The Good Ship Lollypop girls were the youngest dancers to perform. The Boogie Woogie Gals From Company B were probably the oldest dancers that we saw perform. The blue dressed ballet dancers were very impressive. Finally, the last group that we saw perform, we remembered their name, they were The Cloggers.

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