Sunday in the Park

Nun on a Bicycle

After Saturday’s off and on again rain, Sunday dawned cool, but cloudless.  Anne and I had talked about doing the Bicycle Fun Club ride, but Anne didn’t think she could fit the Fun Club ride in and then make her Red Thread Project meeting at one.  So we decided to take it easy and just ride in the Park.  So, we slowly rode around the Park, taking pictures as we went.  On the way out of the Park, we stopped off at the Demun Kaldi’s, for pumpkin pie lattes.  Mine was much better then the Starbuck’s pumpkin spiced latte that I had in Seattle.  At the coffee shop, we bumped into another Anne on Team Kaldi’s and her husband.  The four of us were all wearing the exact same team jerseys.

Anne and Anne both recounted the same experience that they had each independently had, at the end of the first day of this year’s MS-150 ride.  As each Anne returned to the tent that night, she was met with exclamations of how glad her teammates were that she was not hurt and then news that a teammate named Anne had had a bad bike wreck that day.  Each Anne’s thoughts soon turned to the other Anne.  As it turned out this year’s team had a third Anne.  This was her first year with the team and not very many members knew her.  Last week, or maybe the week before, this third Anne sent the Team an email detailing her injuries and explaining that she is feeling much better now.

After we returned home, Anne went off to her Red Thread Project meeting.  The weather today was so so beautiful, so … I decided to do some more biking and re-launched towards the Park.  It was warmer and much more crowded then it was during the first go around. Everybody and their sister was on a bike.  Including two nuns that I saw.  They both wore full nun’s habits, with wimpels and helmets on top.  Anne got eighteen miles and I got thirty-three miles today.

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