Salmon Luv’n Bears

The Boyz

I landed in Seattle about noon, on Monday.  After work, six of us decided to go out for diner.  We went to Ivar’s Salmon House.  This place is under I-5, on the north side of Lake Union, not to far from Jay and Carl’s place.  In fact after arriving there, I remember going there once before with Jay and Carl.  The place has a northwestern Native American decor, that includes various Native American art objects.  Today’s header shows some of the other art there, a family of salmon luv’n bears.  The place has a great view of the Space Needle, I’ll use that view soon.  We all had salmon and all of us left happy. 

Afterwards we spoke briefly with the chef.  He uses Alder for his firewood grills, because, he says, this is what the Native Americans used.  When asked what is the secret of cooking salmon, he said, it is preparation.  Have everything ready before you put the salmon on the fire.  He also likes to serve salmon with lemon.  His grill seemed hotter than what I am used to cooking over.

UPDATE: On the Ivar website and on the local TV is news that an Ivar underwater billboard has been discovered.  Apparently the original Ivar was a big proponent of submarines and believed that they would soon become of private planes are today.

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