MS-150 Thank Yous

Anne and I drove to Columbia, MO, on Friday evening and rendezvoused with the rest of Team Kaldi’s for a pasta dinner at the team tent. Some of the preceding pictures of some of the other team members are from that night. After dinner, Anne and I retired to the hotel, thank you, Sandi.

Saturday morning dawned at o’dark-thirty. We met up again at the tent and then lined up for a mass start. Team Kaldi’s was the second team to start. Saturday’s ride led us north into Amish country. The way that you tell the difference between an Amish farm and an English farm is that you look to see if there are any power lines running to the farmhouse. Amish farms don’t use electricity. Eventually, there weren’t even any power lines running down the road.

As we were riding through the heart of Amish country, a one horse buggy pulled out onto the road just in front of me. Three Amish children were riding on the bench. I tried closing on them, but the oldest, the driver, spurred the horse to go faster. They pulled away and got almost out of sight. I had about given up when I looked up again and was bearing down on the buggy, too fast. I guess that I can out race a horse and buggy. Anne and I rode seventy-five miles on Saturday.

Saturday night we had a dinner party at the tent again. John and his family and other team members prepared a delicious dinner, that featured chicken and beef brisket. Afterwards, door prizes were handed out and I won a gift certificate to a beauty spa. For a moment, I felt so special, and then I traded it away for t-shirt that fit.

Sunday we woke up tired and sore. The ride was hillier then the day before. We had a headwind on the outbound ride, but it turned into a merciful tailwind on the return route. Te got another seventy-five miles, for a grand total of one-hundred and fifty miles, hence the name of the ride, theMS-150. To close, we would like to once more publicly thank all of the people who donated to support Anne and I in this ride.

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