Time to get ready, get set, and go …

Great White Egret fishingSo it is Thursday evening and Anne and I are busy packing for this weekend’s MS-150 bike ride.  Friday, I plan on taking a half day off in the afternoon to finish getting ready and so we can get a little earlier start out of town.  We’ll drive halfway across the state to Columbia, MO, the site of this year’s ride.

Columbia is also the home of the U of M, also known around here as Mizzou.  It is a college town, much like any other small college town.  The MS-150 ride has been based out of Columbia for more than a few years, but this year we are leaving the stockyards of neighboring Midway, MO for the much nicer venue of the county fairgrounds.  The MS ride was situated at the fairgrounds the first year that it moved to Columbia, but for some reason the ride has not been back again until this year.

Another nice feature of the fairgrounds venue is that it give the ride access to flatter, easier routes than the other venue had access to.  On Saturday we head north into Amish country.  That’s right Missouri has Amish too.  On Sunday we’ll head northeast towards Mexico, MO, an also much flatter route then in recent years.  Anne and I are shooting for seventy-five miles each day.  Wish us luck!

On last year’s MS-150 ride I interviewed as many Team Kaldi’s  team members as I could find.  I asked each person why they rode.  Some of their answers were funny.  Some of their answers were moving.  It is a project that I would like to repeat again this year, but I haven’t been able to come up with a new question yet.  If anyone out their in blogland has a suggestion it sure would be appreciated?

The picture with this post and today’s header don’t really have anything to do with this post, but they are nice photos that I hadn’t used them yet.

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  1. Safe travels you two! Thank you for riding for MS.

    Beach was beautiful tonight..so calm with purplish hues. I am storing all of these fine memories for the winter!

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