The MS-150 Bike Ride

Mark and Anne at the MS150

Yesterday I saw a tree cut down in the prime of its life. It was healthy and provided food and shelter for itself and lots of others. This is similar to what happens when someone is stricken with Multiple Sclerosis, (MS). The person is in their prime, possibly providing for a family, when MS strikes. Like a tree losing branch after branch, MS attacks the person’s nerves and muscles. Click on this link to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis.

We ride the MS-150 every year to raise money for research to find cures for Multiple Sclerosis. Click on this link to see a video of Team Kaldi members and others explain Why we ride. This year’s ride is September 12-13, so you will quickly be hearing all about the ride. They tell us that the ride will not be as hilly as previous years, but it is hard to find 150 miles of flat terrain near Columbia. We’re hoping for the nice, cool weather we’ve been enjoying recently.

We would really appreciate whatever you wish to donate. We know that the economy is rough and there are many other charities asking for your help. If you would like to donate to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, (NMSS), there are three ways you can donate. One, you can make an on-line donation to NMSS through their secure website. Click on either Mark or Anne  to donate. We pool our donations, with only minor competition. Hey, no shoving, I saw that donor first!  Alternatively, you can write a check to NMSS and either mail it to us. Please put “Team Kaldi’s and our names on the memo line.

Thank you in advance for helping us help NMSS find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis!

— Anne and Mark

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