Anne Makes Her Fundraising Goal!


Thanks to the very generous contribution of that crusty old gentleman, Erasmus B. Sore, and other friends and family members, Anne has exceeded her MS-150 fundraising goal.  Whoo Hoo!  Now that she has talked the talk, all she has to do now is walk ride the walk ride.  Le Marquis on the other hand is still lagging far behind.  Woe is me.  So if you have it in your heart to support  this old fart, for a worthy cause, it would be much appreciated.

I worked only a half day on Friday and even though I had posted that I was only taking a half day’s vacation, more than one person at work remarked surprise in seeing me at work.  I did what I needed to do and as a bonus collected this great only in saint Louis story.  So on Thursday, my colleague, Don, is waiting in Chicago’s O’Hare  for his connection to Saint Louis.  He prefaced his story with a statement that first impressions can sometimes be false.  He is waiting near two women and overhears their conversation.  One of the women is describing how she brought her cat to work on bring your pet to work day.  At this point he is rolling his eyes, thinking, Oh Brother!  That was until boarding time when both women got up and displayed the Purina Foods logos on their bags.  Purina is headquartered in Saint Louis.  This begs the question, in the Purina corporate ladder who fares better, dog people or cat people?

We arrive safely in Columbia, after surfing the I-70 speedway.  We met at the Team Kaldi’s team tent for a Friday night pasta dinner, a little bit of carbo loading don’t you know.  I found out on Friday night, that I am now considered to be an MS-150 legend.  This is because, I have done the bike ride ten times.  This supposedly allows me access to the VIP tent, which features better food and more swag.

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