The Rams versus the Chiefs

Rams versus Chiefs

Thursday morning I put Anne on a plane bound for Detroit.  She wanted to return to Michigan, so that she could participate in her Aunt Betty’s memorial services this weekend.  I got a voice mail from her saying that she had landed and that she and Mr. Bill were driving north.  I haven’t heard anything more from her, so I assume she made it to the Cabin.  I haven’t exactly been waiting around for the phone to ring though either …

Thursday night I went to my first ever professional football game.  I rode the train downtown to watch the Rams host the Kansas City Chiefs at the dome.  Jay Nixon, the new Missouri Governor, hosted the coin toss between the two Missouri teams.  My $88 ticket was free to me, Denny, my boss, was handing out tickets to all comers after four o’clock.  The seats seemed pretty good to me, on the twenty yard line.  The photo with this post gives you a good idea of my view of the game.  We had a pretty good turnout from work.  In addition to myself there was Dwayne, Tom and his son, Dave, Ryan and Peter.  So $4.50 for MetroLink and eight dollars for a beer, it was still a fairly cheap night out.

This was the fourth and final pre-season game for the Rams.  They won this game 17-9 and have won three out of the four pre-season games.  Neither team looked all that good though.  There were several fumbles, interceptions and more then a few sacks.  My understanding was that most of the starters didn’t play.  That combined with the bloated pre-season rosters led to fourth quarter jokes, from the guys behind us, when ever a player on either team made a mistake.  “Oh, that guy is cut.”  “He’s going to get cut.”  “Oh Gawd, please, just cut them all!”

PS — Ladies, I kid you not, in one of the two minute periods where the rest of the world was watching beer and truck commercials on TV, the PA advertised to the stadium crowd, Football University.  A training curriculum for women so that they can learn how the game of football is played.  So enroll now, for fall classes … 😉

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  1. Please. I could almost teach the ‘Football School’ class!!! There are any number of guys I know that could learn a thing or two though. But I do work with a lot of ‘book’ people. 😉

    They’ve had a similar class at U-M as a fund raiser — supposed to be pretty fun.

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