Rainy Day

We woke up with the rain drumming on the porch roof. It beats a lot louder on the roof of the new addition then on either the now old porch or the main cabin. I crawled out of bed. Rainy day. Carl, Jay, Ashlan, Anne, Dave and I drove to town, to the Freighter View, to visit Betty.

Jay and I dropped the rest off at Freighter View and convoyed over to Fernelius Hyundai. The check engine light had come on again in Ann Arbor. It first came on when Anne first reached the Soo, last month. A couple of hundred later and we had a new gas cap and a new gas spout. The check engine light stayed off for the next two-thousand miles.

We left the car there and headed back to Freighter View. With Aimee and Betty, there were eight of us in Betty’s room. We kvetched for a while, the high point of the conversation was when Anne told a joke she had learned from Duke. It went something like this:

The drunk husband comes stumbling home only to be met at the front door by his angry wife. He acclaims upon see seeing her, even in her rage, “You look so bootiful”. What the wife asks in disbelief? “You look so bootiful.”, he said, “When you take your bra off ,all the wrinkles come out of your face and you look so bootiful.”

After hearing this joke, Betty proclaimed that it was actually a true story. The husband was the base commander.

We all adjourned to Penny’s Kitchen for lunch and internet access. Afterwards, I returned to Fernelius and waited for the car. Fortunately for me there was no charge this time. I got a pretty good laugh out of Betty with the Broccoli joke:

A women walks into the green grocer and asks for a pound of broccoli. I’m sorry ma’am, but we’re fresh out of broccoli, can I interest you in some spinach? Hmm, no, I’ll have some broccoli. I’m sorry ma’am maybe you didn’t hear me, but I don’t have any broccoli, can I interest you in some asparagus? Hmm that sounds good, but no, I’ll have some broccoli. Exasperated at this time the grocer asks, lady can you spell dog as in dogma? Puzzled, she answers, sure D-O-G. Now he asks can you spell cat as in catatonic? Even more perplexes she answers, C-A-T. Finally, he asks can spell fuck as in broccoli? Thinking for a moment the women answers, there is no fuck in broccoli. That is what I have been trying to tell you, the grocer answers.

At first I was afraid that Betty hadn’t got the joke then she laughed so hard that I was afraid that it would kill her. After lunch, it was still raining, so Jay, Carl, Ashlan, Anne, Dave and I went to Don-Dee Lanes to bowl. On Tuesdays and Thursdays it is bowl all you want for just five bucks. Shoes are two bucks and if you don’t have socks, you can buy these really cute bowling socks to keep, for just three bucks. Carl bowled nine games, most of the rest of us bowled six games.

Bubs joined us for dinner at Cozy Inn. We had Fran’s cherry pie afterwards for desert. I’m trying to type this blog while Ashlan and Dave are bouncing the table while playing Egyptian Rat Killer.

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  1. One of the old [true] stories is about Betty at the Soo library. I’m gonna say 25 years ago but not really sure. There was some old woman futzing around with the copy machine and when Betty walked by, the old bag asked her, “are you the fucker or the fucked?” Betty thought about that for a split-second and then grabbed the woman’s shoulder (or something like that) and replied, “Well, my friend, I guess I am the fucked!” (or something like that 😉

    Kind of reminds me of when I first heard about the birthers. I was thinking, “who the heck are the birthers? I mean, I guess that would be, um, me, since I have two naturally born children…”

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