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I arrived at the cabin on Wednesday, July 15th, after spending the night before in Ann Arbor.  It was cold, gray and windy when I arrived, and it continued that way for the next few days.  We visited Betty on Thursday, and enjoyed sharing anecdotes.  On the way into town, we saw a dozen or more sand hill cranes in the fields along the road.  Yesterday was sunny, and not as windy, and we sat on the beach.  I was not tempted to go swimming, although the triplets and Nate’s kids did swim.  Today, (Monday 7/20), it was calm with a little fog.  The temperature was 39 degrees when I woke up, 46 at breakfast and it is now 54 degrees at 9:00 am.  If it stays calm and continues to warm up, I may have to take a kayak out instead of my bike.  I did ride on Saturday, and got 20 miles riding to the Dancing Crane coffee shop and back.  It was much warmer riding on the road then walking on the beach!  Yesterday Mom and Dad and I visited the Mission Hill Cemetery and scenic overlook.  We then went to the Dancing Crane, since they had never been there.

Afternoon update: I did go riding today, and got 20 miles.  It was 73 degrees when I left at 3:00.  I found where our off-shore calm had gone, as there was some wind from the South and East.  I was too tired to put the kayak in when I got back, but did enjoy sitting on the beach after dinner, where it was 70 degrees when I went down, but cooler when I walked the beach at sunset.

Since you will probably see this on the 22nd, be sure to wish Mark (and his cousin-out-law, Aimee) a Happy Birthday!  I’ll be nice and not make any jokes about all those candles. (Especially since there’d be the same # for me. )

— Your Northern Correspondent, Pooh

Here is a Beach Day personality quiz.  Pick which picture looks like the perfect beach day to you, then check below for your personality type:

A. (Dark and Cloudy) Air Temp ~ 55
B. (Mayflies) Air Temp ~ 60
C. (Swimmers) Air Temp ~ 65
D. (Like Glass) Air Temp ~ 75


A. “Keeps the riff-raff out.” You are a curmudgeon.
Or, “If I’m on the beach -> Then it must be a beach day.  Q.E.D”.  You are a pragmatist.
B. “Oh Boy, Mayflies!!!”  You are probably either a seagull, or another mayfly.
C. “But I’m not cold!”  Said with blue and chattering lips.  You are a child, or have a child-like enthusiasm.  You may be swimming on Day A. also.
D. “I’ve got the sunscreen and my towel, let’s go!”  You are a beach hedonist.  You are also missed — Wish you were here!  All of you.  You know who you are.


4 thoughts on “Guest Blog from the Great North

  1. The obvious answer is D. warm enough to swim, calm enough to kayak.

    also perfect for sitting and watching for boats. or napping. or reading.

    and calm enough for a very young Ashlan to ‘make some circles.’

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