Wydown Boulevard

Wydown Bike Lane

On Sunday in the Tour de France Alberto Contador of Astana won the yellow jersey.  He now holds a respectable if not commanding lead.  His more famous teammate, Lance Armstrong, is in a much less commanding second place.  Monday was a rest day, so Contador will hold the lead at least into Tuesday.  With the French all over the Tour for performance enhancing drugs and all over Lance in particular, if the old guy needs an edge he won’t find it through better living with chemistry.  If Contador doesn’t wreck or something, I think that ole Lance will need a bit of an edge to win the Maillot jaune this year.  Here is my suggestion.  You have to check out the videos.  OBTW, I have a birthday coming up … Notice Kayak Women that it works as well on water as it does on land.  You could be an äir-bur kayak woman.  I do see one problem with the product though, the noise.  I would never be able to hear songbirds along the Katy Trail with this device, but I would leave Don in my dust.

The picture with today’s post shows a section of the newly re-striped Wydown Boulevard.  This shot just happens to be by Wydown Middle School, whose webcam link seems to be on summer vacation.  Along Wydown where parking is prohibited, the stripping is similar to the way it was, only with a wider lane.  In areas where parking is permitted, you see the specifically designated bike lane, pictured above.  I had words to with a jogger in an area like this, who insisted on jogging up the middle of this narrow lane, when there is a fat, far safer lane closer to the curb.

Today Dave emailed home his first abstract, titled:  A neural model of the inferior colliculus with excitatory and inhibitory input from the cochlear nucleus and the superior paraolivary nucleus.  Trust me the rest of the abstract is not any more intelligible to lay people such as myself.  He hopes to first present his paper in the poster session of a conference, in Pittsburgh, in October.  If successful there, he then plans submitting the paper to the Acoustical Societies meeting which will be held in Disneyland.  If successful he will never have to ice skate to get to go to in Disneyland, not bad for up state New York.

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