Music Man, Pi, Manhunt

Ginko Leaf and Fruit

Monday night was Muny night and the musical that opened on Monday was The Music Man.  With Anne being out of town, I asked Joanie to come along with me.  I was in my seat when Diana and Jim, from Team Kaldis, came by, walking up the aisle, looking for their seats.  I saw a moment of surprise on their faces when they saw Joanie and not Anne sitting next to me.

Tuesday night, I helped entertain out of town business guests.  My associate, Don, and I took our two guests to Pi in the U-City Loop part of town.  Pi is the pizzeria made famous, by President Obama, with his selection of this Saint Louis establishment as the pizzeria serving pizza at his inaugural ball.  The fact that Pi serves Chicago style deep dish pizza only increased the whaling and gnashing of teeth coming from about 250 miles northeast of town.

Our guests were late flying in, we worked late to make up time and there is still a wait for a table at Pi.  It was after ten when I got home.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a great night out with the boyz.  The weather was perfect.  I arranged it so we walked up and down The Loop, to get to Pi.  I’m sure that our guests enjoyed the ambiance.

There was a manhunt going on as I left work on Wednesday.  A police officer was shot.  I was not impeded as I drove home, but there were extensive roadblocks.  On the way home, I saw police officers lining the west side of I-170, some of them with assault rifles.  I think that a lot of the officers were called in from off duty.  Here is example attire, shorts, sandals, t-shirt and a bullet proof vest.  Apparently, a man wearing according to the paper’s website a wife beater’s shirt, what I have always known as a sleeveless t-shirt, was the description of the suspect.  I have never heard that description of a sleeveless t-shirt.  Of personal interest, when I bike to work, I bike right by the intersection, at MacDonnell and Natural Bridge, where the shooting took place.

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