Holiday Weekend Round-Up

Here is a weekend recap, yeah, I know it it is already Tuesday.  It was that kind of weekend: Friday was gorgeous, we spent it at Johnson’s Shut-Ins.  It rained Friday night and most of Saturday.  It rained quite a lot.  We did get out Saturday afternoon and toured the Compton Hills Water Tower, the CityGarden and then dined with friends that we had not seen for a while, Dave and Jill.  All of these interesting parts have already been covered by previous blogs.  I just wanted to make sure that everyone got the chronology correct.

Moving on to Sunday morning, when it was still cool and damp, we walked up to First Watch for breakfast.  First Watch serves only breakfast and lunch.  Its motto is, Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.  I believe that First Watch will be making an initial public offering soon.  If so, it looks like a good buy.  The place is always busy.  The hour’s works out well for working couples, with kids, allowing them to stagger their schedules.  This attracts good workers.  There is another Saint Louis restaurant chain that has done well.  It is called the Saint Louis Bread Company.  We call it Bread Co.  People from out of town know it better as Panera Bread.  It has gone from twenty-five Saint Louis area stores to over twelve hundred stores nation wide.

Today’s header and the first two flower pictures in the gallery with this post were taken by Anne in the Park.  I especially like the blue colored flower with the busy bee on it, dusty butt and all.  The yellow blob on the right is a fungus encrusted oak leaf.  We have had a lot of rain.  By this evening the hot sun had burned the fungus into a brown sludge.  I should have mentioned this yesterday what with the Johnson’s Shut-Ins gallery of photos, but in any case with both galleries if you click on a photo it enlarges.  You can thumb through all the pictures in the gallery, once you have enlarged one of them.

After neither of us had biked a single mile over the entire Fourth of July weekend, we both got out on our bikes.  I biked Monday morning before work, when it was foggy and still cool.  Anne biked Monday afternoon after it had warmed up a little.  We both got fifteen miles.

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