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The title of this post, Annie, has to do with the Muny musical Anne and I went to go see on Monday.  It was hot that night, just not quite as hot as it is today.  With Annie the Muny continues its Great Depression era musical series.  Last week the show was 42nd Street.  It makes for a nice connection to our current economic difficulties.

One of the actors starring in the musical is Conrad Schuck, who played Daddy Warbucks.  Schuck most famously played the dentist, Painless, in the Altman movie, MASHAnnie also starred Joneal Joplin, my so called hardest working actor in Saint Louis.  Joplin played FDR.  The jokes about a Democratic president battling an economic crisis had special currency.

I’ve been good for a while, but now it is time to mount the winding stairway to the top of the RegenAxe political soapbox.  I climb this height not to add some reasoned political treaties to our nation’s pressing debates, but to offer the loyal opposition my most sincere Bronx cheer.  When are you guys going to get your act together?  Our two-party system does not work with only one and a half parties!  I offer two of the latest examples of where you guys are falling down, again:

Senator John Ensign of Nevada apologized today to his fellow Republican Senators for having an affair.  Tawdry, yes, but it is a story that has been told all too many times.  I know that in recent years that the lines have been blurred, but people, let’s get the scandal rules straight.  Democrats are caught with their pants down and Republicans are caught with their hands in your pants.  Stick to what has worked in the past.

Let’s move on to Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina.  Check out these facts: 

Sanford went missing Thursday and hasn’t been seen since
His staff has since told us that he has been hiking the Appalachian Trail
Sunday, Father’s Day, was “Naked Hiking Day” on the Appalachian Trail, I kid you not
Now a local TV station is reporting that his car was actually at ATL …

I confess to partaking in schadenfreude (German for pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others).  I love the word and I must admit the pleasure too.  People, shape up!  Otherwise my pleasure might soon turn to pity.

Today is the Park’s birthday.  On this day in 1876 Forest Park was dedicated.  It has become a grand old lady.  The steel bridge in the background of the picture at the top of this post is almost as old as the Park.  I could not resist yet another bird picture, see Goose Island below.  Also there is Anne’s header picture of a Yellow Crowned Night Heron in flight.  A difficult shot, with one of our digital cameras.

Goose Island

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