The All Star Game

World Series Champions

The All Star Game will be played in Saint Louis next month.  The picture above is the second in a series of pictures of miniature arches that are situated around town and are saluting the All Star Game.  This particular arch commemorates the ten World Series Championships that the Cardinals have won.  Fittingly it stands in front of the Missouri History Museum.

The All Star Game is actually the culmination of a three day event.  In addition to the All Star Game, which will be held on Tuesday, July 14th, there will be the Home Run Derby on Monday, the 13th.  The Home Run Derby is an event where all of the best long ball hitters gather and try to hit the most home runs.  On Sunday, the 12th, there will be two events.  The first one is a celebrity/Hall of Famer softball game.  Following the softball game there will be the Futures baseball game.  The Futures game is played by minor league players and is sort of a Minor League All Stars Game.  Ongoing throughout this event will be an event at the the Convention Center.  Featured at the Convention Center will be Hall of Fame memorabilia, autograph signers and all sorts of baseball merchandise for sale.

I learned all of this today at work.  One of the young engineers has season tickets and thus was entitiled to purchase tickets to all of these events.  He did.  He said that he spent about a thousand dollars for a pair of tickets to all of these events.  Now he has a problem.  Should he go to all of these events or sell some of his tickets.  

He can’t decide whether to go to all or some of these events or to sell the tickets. He thinks that he can get $1,500 for the Home Run Derby tickets and that he can get $2,000 for the All Star Game tickets. If he sold one pair of tickets, it would more then pay for the other. If he sold both pairs of tickets, it would pay for his season tickets. I’ll be curious to see what he does.

Pooh's Flying Great White Egret

Anne went biking in the Park on Monday, around noon time. This surprised me because it is hot, hot, hot here. She got eighteen miles. She took the picture of the above Great White Egret.  She might be on tonight’s news, because she spoke to a TV camera man and was video taped. The guy was doing a piece about people in Saint Louis who are out in the heat.

Unfortunately, we could not watch tonight’s TV news.  Our power keeps going off.  It must have cycled on and off about a half dozen times.  I must have typed and retyped portions of this blog almost as many times. I’m typing this now offline, on the notebook.  There is no bad weather, so it must be the load from the heat.  Hopefully the power will come online again so I can upload the rest of this post and hopefully they fix the problem, because tomorrow is going to be hotter.

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