Great Egret

Great EgretToday’s header and the picture with today’s post, just like yesterday, they are both also from my morning, before work ride, on Tuesday.  Sometimes it just happens like that, it was just one of those magical mornings in the Park.  It addition to yesterday’s Yellow Crowned Night Heron, I also photographed the same egret that is  featured in both picture and header.

In past posts, I have referred to these birds as Snowy Egrets.  I picked this up from another local website and assumed that it was right.  They may very well have been correct.  The Great and Snowy Egrets look very similar to each other, except in the breeding season.  It is very possible that both Great and Snowy Egrets are living together in the Park.  The bird to the left and above, in today’s header, is the same bird.  The picture to the left has it displaying the distinctive breeding plumage of a Great Egret.  I’m speaking of the long stringy feathers hanging off the back.  In courtship those same stringy feathers are splayed fan like.  On what a shot that would be!

I counted between eight and ten Great/Snowy Egrets, on Tuesday.  I feel, but cannot quantify that this is a larger population then I have seen in past years.  I’ll be watching these birds in the coming weeks.  Who knows what images they might give.

In other news, at work on Wednesday, there were some email shenanigans.  Someone who was calling a meeting sent out an email, but left a couple of large email lists in the TO line.  The initial signs of catastophe came when first one, then a couple and then a few people responded to ALL that they would not be able to make the meeting, due to other obligations.  Everyone now knows when Tom will be on vacation.  This first phase of respond to all emails were quickly followed by the next wave of people responding to all, but complaining about the previous waves people.  The third wave was a series of emails from individuals in the organization that had originally called the meeting, asking people to please not to respond to all, while responding to all.  This brought in the fourth wave of respond to all emails, the jokers.  They kept things going until lunch time, when things died down for a while and then inexplicably the whole cycle started up one more time in the afternoon.  Such is my life in Dilbert land.

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