School Daze

Black Crowned Night Heron

Anne was at the high school yesterday and IMHO she was not dressed appropriately for the job.  Now don’t get me wrong, she looked great!  She looked very professional.  She had a layered top thing going, with the outer layer being her new Mother’s Day blouse.  She combined this with a lovely linen skirt and her brand new Froggie green Tevas.  Like I said she looked impeccable, but it just wasn’t what I would wear if I was going to run a dunking booth that day.  I mean you just don’t want to get linen wet.  I just so wish I had taken a picture of her before she left for work.  She looked prettier then a peach.

Today was Field Day at the high school.  In the morning the students had class, but in the afternoon it was all fun.  There were any number of carnival type activities scheduled and Anne’s carny assignment was the dunking booth.  She acquired this activity by substituting for the teacher who had it originally assigned.  There had been some thought of having students sitting in the dunking booth (This was probably thought of by the teachers who probably also had certain students in mind.), but it was decided that this might be a liability concern and teachers were substituted for students in the booth.

Now with all this build up you might have in your mind’s eye a picture of our Anne dripping wet from head to toe.  If so you have underestimated our girl.  She fended off punks that tried to trip the booth from behind.  She enjoyed some of the trash talk that the teachers sitting in the dunking booth were entitled to deliver.  Other then one wet sandal and a few splashes she managed to stay dry.  Although, with yesterday’s high into the eighties she was on occasion tempted to take a dip.

When Anne has a bad day at school they are pretty bad.  She doesn’t allow me to blog about those days, but when she has a good day it sure beats sitting in an office all day.  Sticking with the educational theme, I found this excellent cover of  Tom Lehrer’s New Math that I would like to share with you.  Let’s not forget physics either with another cover by the same guy of  Tom Lehrer’s The Elements.

Today Anne and I biked in the Park.  We got fifteen miles.  On the way into the Park we ran into Fontbonne commencement traffic.  We arrived in the Park only to discover that it had gone to the dogs.  Bark in the Park had taken over the cricket fields and was overflowing with dogs of all shapes and sizes.  The guys who dress up like knights and run around hitting each other were in full swing too.  Today’s header shows a Snowy Egret on the wing.  The picture with today’s post is of a Black Crowned Night Heron, a new (for me) bird.  Black Crowned Night Herons are strictly nocturnal.  Anne said that this one must be a teenager and was staying up all day just to piss off its parents.

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  1. The Black-Crowned Night Heron may be a new sighting in Forest Park, but many years ago, when the kids were little, we canoed out to a Night Heron rookery in Kentucky. The expedition was led from and by the Nature Station in the Land Between the Lakes. If my memory map is correct, we canoed onto Lake Barkley, part of the Cumberland River. The Cumberland River/Lake Barkley parallels the Tennessee River/Kentucky Lake, shortly before both rivers dump into the Ohio River.

    A cursory glance at the map makes it seem like the headwaters of the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers are not too far apart, as the crow flies. Someday, I may head out to explore these two rivers.


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