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Today is National Bike to Work Day.  No, I didn’t bike to work, but I did bike this morning over to the celebration that was going on in front of the History Museum.   Call me a poser if you must, at least I didn’t roll over and go back to sleep. Trailnet had set up a couple of tents and was serving coffee and bagels.  I saw a guy from work and a fellow Team Kaldi’s member and had a cup of coffee.  I got back on my bike and completed my rounds of the Park.  I got fifteen miles.  On the way home, I swung by the celebration one more time, but it looked like things were already starting to wane.  The local TV news truck had left and there was no one there that I knew.

This year’s Bike to Work Day was a far cry from last year’s.  The threat of rain today didn’t help, but we just didn’t have the draw that we had last year.  Last year the CBS Morning Show had one of their roving reporters broadcasting from the Saint Louis Bike to Work Day celebration.  She was doing some sort of cross country series about gas process.  That day’s show was all about saving gas money by bicycling to work, except she really didn’t know how to ride a bike very well.  First, she put her helmet on backwards, we had to correct her.  The director then had her rehearse her part.  She spoke her lines and then launched off on her bike and almost crashed.  When it came time for the live take the director had all us other cyclists follow her in order to pass by the camera during fade out, except she only went twenty-five feet and then stopped.  This caused a near pile up among the other cyclists.  That’s show business.  😉

Yesterday, I also rode in the Park.  On the way towards the Park I passed a young couple walking down Wydown.  From the back the guy looked like Andrew, the son of our friends from Rochester who is at Fontbonne.  Their son Andrew and our son David are each half of our Rochester-Saint Louis student exchange program.  I didn’t think twice about it until later.  In the Park I saw another couple, a pair of Team Kaldi’s members on a tandem.  I got fifteen miles that day too.  Last night Andrew and Jess came over to the house to drop off some of Andrew’s stuff for the summer.  It was then that it clicked. They were the young couple that I had seen earlier.

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  1. Although gas prices have been going up in the last couple weeks (just in time for Memorial Day weekend, IMNSHO), *last* year they were hovering around $4. I think there was a lot more talk about alternative transportation then than now.

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