Anne and I went to a memorial service last night for the wife of a friend, a bike buddy and a former co-worker.  She died suddenly and unexpectedly of a brain aneurism.  She was only fifty-eight.  The family is Chinese-American, so the service was held in both Chinese and English.  The service was Christian, so except for the language differences, quite familiar.  The program was printed in both languages as were the inspirational messages.  An older Chinese man mostly translated from English to Chinese, but also from Chinese to English.

After the service, Anne and I compared notes.  Apparently since all of the printing in the church was in both English and Chinese, independently both Anne and I found ourselves trying to read the Chinese, using the English as a guide.  In Anne’s case, I think it is a clear sign of too much Sudoku.  In my case, I just don’t know.  😉

After the service some of the bike buddies had dinner at Uno’s Pizzeria.  So Anne and I had Chicago Style deep dish pizza for the third night in a row.  Although, Tuesday night’s left over Pi pizza dinner was somewhat lighter then planned.  A pair of pizza burglars took all but two pieces and left behind Annie’s sunglasses in exchange.

Don and DJ told us about the rest of their New York trip after our Sunday night dinner together.  They had gone to see Letterman on Monday night and then on Tuesday toured Rockefeller Plaza and the NBC studios.  I told them that I had seen Matt Lauer at the NBC studios.  Not to be out done DJ told me they had seen Martin Short at the Barrymore.  Sitting next to me, she said that she was as close to him as she was to me.  They faced each other and she said, “I know you.  You’re, ah, ah …” he just smiled and turned away.

Exit the King, the play we both saw at the Barrymore; albeit on different nights, deals with death, your own death.  Geoffrey Rush played the king, or more correctly, you.  Susan Sarandon played his ex-wife and the herald of all of our inescapable fates.  Her opening line announces that the king (i.e. you) will die in an hour and forty minutes.

Today’s header shows the marquee of the Barrymore.  The picture with today’s post shows the main curtain, within the theater.  I’m feeling a bit more mortal today.  Well anyway, no one gets out alive.

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