There Wasn’t a Single Honda in the Show


Happy Easter everybody!  Actually, there weren’t any Japanese cars in today’s car show.  Every Easter Sunday the AAA sponsors the Saint Louis Classic Car Show.  It is always a big draw and today was no different. 

We had Dan and Joanie over for brunch today.  After brunch Anne and Joanie settled into knitting and Dan settled into surfing the web.  Left to my own devices, I went biking.  I rode over to the car show and was able to easily negotiate the horrendous traffic jam that surrounded the show.  I saw Tom and Audrey, fellow Team Kaldi’s members and I also saw Paul of Recycled Cycles.  I got fifteen miles today.

Today’s header is a composite picture.  It shows the name plates for select automobiles at today’s show.  The thing that they have in common is that that they all represent American auto companies that have gone out of business.  Most of these companies went out of business before I was born.  They are in left to right order, 1) Brush Motor Company of Detroit, MI, 2) Diana Motors Company a subsidiary of Moon Motors of Saint Louis, MO, 3) Maxwell Motor Cars of New Castle, IN, 4) Saint Louis Motor Carriage Company with its motto Rigs that Run, 5) Nash Motors of Kenosha, WI and 6) Mercer Motors of Trenton, NJ.

The picture with today’s post shows the hood ornament of a 1941 Packard Super 8 – One Sixty.  Packard Motor Cars formerly of Detroit, MI is now also defunct. The hood ornament is of a winged swan with down turned head, the beak almost touching its breast.  Anyone notice that I just snuck in another bird picture?

This just in, Julie Andrews singing the Do Re Mi song in Antwerp’s Central Station, enjoy!  More than 200 dancers performed Do Re Mi.  It is a promotional stunt for a Belgian reality television program, where they are looking for someone to play the lead in, The Sound of Music.  Watch in HD.  Why can’t we get reality shows like this?

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