Blackbird Singing …


The picture with today’s post is of a male Red-winged Blackbird.  It was taken last Saturday, in the gardens that comprise Pagoda Circle.  Today’s header was taken a couple of weeks ago.  It shows purple tulips that are still blooming in the garden’s surrounding the Jewel Box.  Both of these locales are in the Park.

The Red-winged Blackbird is a highly polygynous (having more than one “wife” at a time) species, with one male having up to 15 different females making nests in his territory. In some populations 90% of territorial males have more than one female. But, from one quarter to up to half of the young in “his” nests do not belong to the territorial male.  Instead they have been sired by neighboring males.  That would make the males and the females, polygamous, having more than one mate at a time. 

My spovely louse wanted me to add this link to a Red-winged Bike-nerd, courtesy of Forest Park 365.  It shows a pair of Marks, a pair of Marks, a most amazing pair of Mark’s!  In additional answer to spousal criticism, shown below is a picture of a Red-winged Blackbird singing and displaying.  Do you think that he thought that the Red-winged Bike-nerd was invading his territory?


The above tree that he is sitting is a Catkin.

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Mr. B. I love this bike contrail idea, check out this link back: It is in the links, under Contrails.

    Years ago, Dan tried something similar. With one of his friends at the wheel, he hung out the open hatchback of his Ford Focus. In his hand he held a gallon can of white paint, with a hole punched into its bottom. Dripping paint he and his driver followed a proscribed route outlining a white rabbit. It was an Art thing. The Focus still has white speckles all over the back end.

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