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This week’s rain had moved on for the weekend, so this morning dawned cool but clear.  I launched for an early morning bike ride and got sixteen miles.  Today’s header shows a Snowy Egret.  The light was such that the normally brown colored water looks blue.  The picture with today’s post shows Charles, the male half of the Great Horned Owl pair that inhabits the Park.  Although the picture does not really show it, he is much smaller then Sarah, his mate.  I am pleased that I was able to find both Charles and Sarah today.

After returning home, Anne and I went for a walk.  I estimate that we walked four miles, in about an hour.  On the way home we stopped for lunch at a new place, near St. Mary’s Hospital, called My Daddy’s Cheesecake, Bakery and Café.  They had these really neat looking pastries that looked like tulips.  Afterwards we stopped at the Bread Co. for bread.  I took a nap and then we went shopping for tomorrow’s Easter dinner brunch.

Last night we had Repertory Theater tickets, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The synopsis accurately described it as one of the best known, but least read stories.  It was adapted from the Robert Louis Stevenson novella by the same name.  The play was quite different from all the monster movies that have been made from the same materials.  Mr. Hyde was less the incoherent monster that movies have portrayed him as; rather he seemed to personify the darker side of Dr. Jekyll, just as intelligent, just not as nice.  One of the main themes running through the play dealt with medical ethics or more succinctly the fiduciary nature of the physician/patient relationship.  I hope that the doctors that make up a large segment of the Rep’s audience took the story’s arguments to heart.

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