Forest Park Bike Race

The video with today’s post is of the Forest Park bike races, from March 15th.  This particular race is the women’s open.  This is a criterion race in the Park around the relatively flat Muny mile.  Team Revolution took first and second place in this race that would be the two riders in blue and white.  Anne has supported Team Revolution this year and rode with them as part of their January Frost Bike series of rides.  Team Revolution is also featured in today’s header.

It turns out that last night’s police activity was in response to a bank robbery.  The cops found the abandoned get away vehicles, but have not located any suspects.  Joe Biden is not a suspect; he has a pretty good alibi.

Yesterday, I nearly had a disaster at work.  The server that I use, in fact I’m its sole user, crashed.  The master node has a raided drive system.  If you lose one drive you can hot swap it out and the server will automatically repair its files system.  What we found yesterday though was that the system had two bad drives and the blue screen of death.  This is too much for self repair and suggested a difficult and lengthy system rebuilding process.  My IT hero, Dave, removed the two offending drives, gave each a good shake and reinstalled them.  This time the system booted.  We left it running overnight and this morning Dave first hot swapped one of the problem drives and then the second one.  The system successfully rebuilt each drive and by close of business today I had the machine humming again.  Thanks Dave!

2 thoughts on “Forest Park Bike Race

  1. ooh – blue screen of death. here’s a little haiku. (I suppose ‘little’ and ‘haiku’ is a bit repetitive.)

    the blue screen of death.
    data. numbers. all is lost.
    no one hears your screams.

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