Point Pelee National Park


The photo with today’s post shows a view of some of the wetlands that comprise most of Point Pelee.  This shot was taken from an observation tower that overlooks the wetlands.  Today’s header is a close-up of some of those wetlands.  It speaks to what this post is about, blogging from the bogs.

Point Pelee National Park is a Canadian national park that resides on the northern shore of Lake Erie.  The park occupies a peninsula that juts south into the lake.  It is located about an hour east of Windsor, Ontario.  In part, because Point Pelee sticks out into Lake Erie, it is part of a flyway across the lake.  The fact that the park is mainly wetlands makes it attractive to water fowl.  In 2005, Anne, Dan and Dave stopped there on their way back from New York.

Anne announced at dinner tonight that she was almost run over today.  After eliciting an appropriate level of concern on my face, she explained. She was standing in the doorway of a classroom when one of the other teachers almost ran her over.  She was hurriedly exiting the classroom, because Julius Squeezer was eating a mouse.  Julius is a snake, some sort of constrictor and known associate of Easy Squeezy, the classroom’s other snake.  Be assured, no teachers were harmed in the writing of this post.

Dan’s friend, Kitty, had and maybe still has a constrictor.  She went to Germany once and we watched her snake.  I got to feed it.  We bought a few “feeder mice” from PetsMart and once a week, I would drop one in the tank.  The snake was blind in one eye from an earlier encounter with a rat that did not go all its own way.  The smart mice would hide on its blind side.  It could still sense them, but its strikes were wild.  It would flail wildly at them and eventually they would scurry into sight and then it was soon over.

Previously, Dan and Kitty went to a convention in Philadelphia.  Anne and I were driving them to the bus station.  On the drive downtown, Kitty got a call on her cell phone, from her mother.  Hearing only Kitty’s side of the conversation, it sounded like a typical mother-daughter last minute call.  At its conclusion, Kitty warned her mother to keep her bed room door closed, because last night the snake had escaped.  A couple of minutes later the phone rang again and Kitty exclaimed, “What do you mean the door was open?”

How did I get here from Point Pelee?  I must be rambling.  I don’t think that I can find my way back there.  Maybe, I should have titled this post, “Snakes!  Why did it have to be snakes?”

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