Oscar Night

As promised a movie about yesterday’s Mardi Gras parade, just not quite a minute long.  It is hardly Oscar worthy material, but it should give you a feel for the chaos of yesterday’s parade.  Speaking of Oscars tonight is Academy Awards night, Oscar night.

Last night Anne and Joanie and I went to see Frost/Nixon, one of the five films up for best picture tonight.  Previously I’ve seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire, two more of the five best picture nominees.  All three films were good, certainly Oscar worthy, but of the three I loved Slumdog.  I saw it at the Saint Louis Film Festival, a month before it opened for regular distribution.  According to the critics in today’s paper, Slumdog is favored to win.  Here are some links to my previous posts where I discussed this movie, here and here.

Today’s header shows budding crocuses.  I took this picture yesterday, biking back from the parade.  Spring is coming!

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