First Night the Movie

Here is the movie I made, from video shot at New Year Eve’s First Night celebration.  Be sure to try YouTube’s HD feature.  It takes longer to load, but the quality is much better.  To do this first click the video so it starts playing.  Then click the video again.  A new window should popup.  In the new window, on the lower righthand corner of the video area is a link to watch in HD.  I’m trying to upload the same video on Vimeo for comparison purposes.  I’ll update this post later when that is available.

Here is the Vimeo link.

There were never any cautions not to record or photograph any of the artists.  Some of the other audiance members were a lot more in the face of the performers recording their work, than I was.  Even so partly to be able to show the breath of acts and partly to respect the artists, I chosen to show only short samples of their performances.


I had to include this photo of the Birth Map.  This is the United States version.  There were also a world and Saint Louis area versions.  Each of the little lights are LED lights that are attached to the map with a magnet.

I biked in the Park today.  I got 25 miles.  It was a sunny, near windless day, with a high near 50.  A rare event for January.

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