First Night and the Day After


Anne and I went to First Night last night to ring in the New Year.  We had a great time and stayed longer then we had planned.  It was cold, but there were plenty of indoor venues to warm up in.  It didn’t seem as crowded as in past years.  Maybe it was the cold?  Although, it has been just as cold in past years as it was last night.  Maybe it was the economy?  But for eight bucks a head only the couch is cheaper.  Maybe the event was just better organized than in past years? 

We got there just as the event opened, at six.  We did the kaleidoscope tunnel, the theme of this year’s First Night.  Craft Alliance has a new satellite studio in the Kranzberg Arts Center.  The picture for today’s post shows part of the current exhibit, all done with hay.  Looks first rate and it smells great, too. 

We caught some improv at the Grandel.  We were then caught up by the Harris Stowe drumline.  There was a purple turnip thing following the band, turns out it was played by the wife of the director for First Night.  Following her was a pair of human sock puppets.  Next we went to the opera, in the very elegant Saint Louis University student chapel, St. Francis Xavier.  Zeydeco dancing was next on our agenda.  We even took our shoes off and danced in our socks!

Afterwards we stopped off at Wm. Shakespeare’s Gastropub, for a hot toddy.  Their wine list had the following interesting saying:

“Burgundy makes you think of silly things: Bordeaux makes you talk about them, and Champagne makes you do them.”

We’ll definitely have to go back and sample more of their fare.  I love playing with fire.

The nine o’clock fireworks went off shortly after we were back on the street.  We headed next to the Scottish Rite to hear Nuclear Percussions.  They were good, but they were definitely upstaged by a couple of cute little girls dancing to their music.  Next up was the highlight of the evening, the Human Slinky.  Excellent dance!  We wandered around a bit after that and then headed for home.  We toasted the New Year on our couch.  There will definitely be a movie made out these evenings’ activities.

Today’s plan was biking.  The cold low temperatures slowed us down in the morning.  Anne got shanghaied by Dan and off to Target she went.  I did go biking.  I got fifteen miles so far this year.  Subsequently, Anne helped Dan move.  Maybe tonight we’ll get around to watching Mama Mia, in between the football bowl games.  You know we could have even watched Mama Mia at First Night.

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