Year End Accounting


I biked in the Park today and got 20 miles.  It was cold compared to yesterday.  I barely made my sanity quotient of six other cyclists. That gives me about 4000 miles for the year.  Anne has had a stiff neck and hasn’t ridden for several days.  She still rode near 2000 miles this year.  I have reset the bike computer’s odometers, because tomorrow we start counting miles all over again.  There are at least two announced bike rides for New Years Day.  It should be warmer tomorrow too.

Tonight Anne and I are going to First Night.  It is held partly outdoors and partly indoors.  First Night is a non-alcoholic celebration.  There are various performances, activities and parties.  The theme for tonight’s First Night is Kaleidoscope because it encompasses the true spirit and experience of First Night-“fragments that come together to form a beautiful whole perhaps indicating a diversity of something such as experience or piecing together the parts of a symbolic puzzle.”  

They have fireworks at nine as well as midnight.  We’ll probably leave after the early fireworks and be back on the couch in time to watch the Times Square ball drop.  We’ve rented Mama Mia to watch, while we wait for midnight or at least eleven PM.

This post’s picture shows some barberries that are still on the bush.  The new Kodak has a macro lens capability that allows one to take pictures and movies up close and personal.  I can hardly wait until spring.  There is so little color out these days.  I think I need to make a trip to the botanical gardens.  The Climatron will have flowers, even this time of year.

3 thoughts on “Year End Accounting

  1. I plan on biking zero miles today. But have logged some quality time on the couch so far.

    This morning began by waking with the sun shining warmly on my back, but now it’s cloudy and gray. (there may be a song in there somewhere.)

    I predict a day of football, food, and maybe a movie – it’s all good. Happy New Year!

  2. I did the couch last night (NYE) and I think I’ll also get there tonight. At Houghton Lake. We didn’t ski today, although Bob spent hours and hours in the garage waxing skis, including mine!!! Yay!! I walked around the point and back. Blustery cold winds on the point today.

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