Guess what I got for Christmas?  Another camera, the Kodak Zi6.  Check out Christmas Bike Ride.  Try full screen mode, it takes longer to load, but why else bother.  Eventually, I’ll figure out how to embed the videos on vimeo.  Just like the WordPress instructions say you can.


This morning the radar map looked like there was a break in the rain and the thermometer said it was 64.  So I put on the bike fenders and went for a ride.  There was a foot race about to begin when I got to the Park.  I went around it and reached the far end of the Park.  Then what had just been spitting turned to rain.  I headed home with only ten miles to show for the day.  Anne took this post’s picture.  I’m standing there blinking  my eyes to keep out last summer’s sweat, that was leeching out of my helmet’s head band.

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  1. Did you notice any traffic at the stop sign? I was turning right. But here’s my deal. I will never go over the speed limit on my bicycle*, and I will stop at all stop signs in my car. I’m only half a scoff law. It did feel really wicked to go up the off ramp to get on the highway and ride the wrong way on it, and I enjoyed being a triple scoff law then.

    *If I ever did get a speeding ticket on my bicycle, I’d probably frame it!

  2. Hi Pooh and Mark:
    I too have an old, non-HD flip video. I am ready for an upgrade but cannot decide which to use. Blizzard conditions here with 55 mph wind gusts. It look so very tranquil in St. Louis. Happy New Year! Paulette Attie

  3. There is a Flip HD that is about the same as the Kodak Zi6. For about the same price they offer the following differences:

    Open versus closed architecture, the Kodak is more open with the use of an SD card (2GB to 32 GB) for storage and AA batteries for power. The Filp has an internal 4GB memory and its own organic battery. The Kodak is by far better on a tripod. The complaints about it are poor low light performance and there is no image stability, hence the tripod.

    That being said, I would not recommend buying either camera unless your goal was shooting HD video.

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