Two New Products


This post’s picture shows two new hats off of Anne’s knitting assembly line.  She has been really productive this year.  I think that she has found her medium in knitting.

The rain finally stopped this afternoon and I got in a bike ride.  Parts of the bike trail were still submerged from all the rain.  It was also very windy and the Park seemed kind of empty.  I guess everyone else was out shopping.  I got 25 miles today.

Anne and I finally got around to doing the Christmas dinner shopping today.  No movie was made of the process this time.  Waiting until the last minute lent enough excitement to the process.  The store was very crowded. 

This year’s Christmas menu will not feature a central menu item such as a turkey or a ham.  That is not to say that there will not be turkey or ham, because there will be both.  Just not a big turkey or a big ham.  What we are shooting for is something similar to what we had at Big Sky last Sunday.  We had a flight of plates, that is many smaller dishes when combined makes a meal with much variety. 

That being said and with a refrigerator full of food the boys have talked us into going out for dinner tonight.

Time to go do some last minute rapping, I mean wrapping.

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