Merry Christmas to All


Last night the family went out for dinner on Christmas Eve.  Our first indication of trouble should have been the line of  cars overflowing the entrances to the Walgreens drug store.  Last minute shoppers, trying to buy those last minute gifts.  We had agreed on Blueberry Hill and so headed over to U City.  Motoring into The Loop, the city’s holiday decorations looked gorgeous.  Our second indication of trouble should have been how empty the parking lot was.  We walked over to Blueberry Hill, only to find it closed.  Fitz’s was closed too.  We decided to get back into the car and drive until we found a restaurant that was open.  Eventually we found a Thai restaurant that was open on Christmas Eve.

After dinner we went home and watched A Christmas Story.  A lovely tale of  Christmas, childhood and the past.  A film I might add that the family portrayed, ends up eating Christmas dinner in a Chinese restaurant.  We then watched the ending to Its a Wonderful Life and then this blogger settled down for a long winters nap.  I am writing this post while not a creature is stirring.  I’ll go to the living room and stuff the stockings now and hang them with care, in hopes that my family soon will be there.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All

  1. Merry Christmas. Many years ago now, I ran into the realization of how many things close down early on Christmas Eve. Since then it has been plan ahead time. (Denny’s used to stay open 24-7-365). One year they decided to give their employees Christmas off and had to buy chains to lock the doors, since they had no locks – never closed.
    We had a turkey dinner with friends of ours at their house last night. Most roads were OK, but our local street was deeper, now loose snow/ice that sent the car all over the place. Keep moving, and continuously steering and hope to meet no other cars trying to do the same.

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