Anne and Mark’s Thanksgiving Shopping Spree

Monday night, Anne and I did our grocery shopping for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.  I usually do the grocery shopping, at least on a day to day basis.  My shopping style can best be termed, snatch and grab.  I never use a cart, only a hand basket.  I pride myself on my ability to weave between the other, carted shoppers and race to the checkout line. 

During the holidays Anne and I like to shop together for the big meals.  Anne’s more deliberate style and my snatch and grab style, have sometimes clashed in the past.  The diversion of making this post’s movie succeeded in maintaining marital harmony, if for nothing else and for just that, I am truly thankful. 

Although at times, Anne did not correctly place the food in the cart’s basket.  😉

1 thought on “Anne and Mark’s Thanksgiving Shopping Spree

  1. Since we left the shopping to Rey it should be an interesting T-day meal. We are taking a roasting pan, pie dish (thank you Pooh) and pie makings.

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