Home for the Holidays


Dave flew home today.  I picked him up at the airport on the way home from work.  When we got home Dan was playing a new video game.  With out much ado, they were bonding.

Anne had a list of a few items (salt, milk, pears) that we forgot to get from the grocery store on our big shopping spree, the other night.  She had today off, school was closed.  She had been cooking in the kitchen all day.  Since she was up to her elbows in cooking, I went to the store.  Big mistake!  It was VERY crowded.

After shopping, I decided to take advantage of today’s decidedly un-Rochester weather.  When Dave left New York this morning, it was cloudy, snowing and in the thirties.  When he landed in Saint Louis it was sunny and in the fifties.  So I went biking tonight.  A great way to shed today’s stress.  I got 15 miles and saw Team Kaldi’s Bill of Mary and Bill.

2 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. Happy T-day – glad to see you all got together. We are missing Ashlan and I am trying to figure out what is a good time to call her so we are all together.

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