Cheap Gas


This morning on NPR I heard that Saint Louis had the cheapest gas in the nation.  So, since my tank was near empty, I decided to fill her up.  This financial crisis has in a few short months led gas prices and the rest of our economy from inflationary high prices, with gas over four dollars per gallon, to our current day deflationary gas prices.  As this financial crisis deepens a dollar saved becomes more valuable each day.  Why buy something today when it will only be cheaper tomorrow?  Spend little, save more.  Buy only when you have to.  This is what deflation is all about.  Of course this attitude plays havoc with a consumer driven economy such as our own.  If people don’t buy then while money is saved, jobs are soon lost.

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  1. Carl just gassed up the car for the drive to MT. Gas was $1.99 and he put too much in the machine, had to get $8 in change. [He says you may get the cheap gas, but you have to live in St. Louis.]

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