So, who Won the Debate?

The picture above from MyDD, shows McCain’s strange post-debate expression that was taken from the TV.  It happened at the end of the debate.  McCain was a little confused about which side of the desk to go around to thank Bob Schieffer.  McCain, you see, was walking around to his right, just as Schieffer was walking to his left, so McCain stopped mid-walk, made this face where he stuck out his tongue and then turned back the other way to greet Schieffer.  Unfortunately for McCain there are these things nowadays that capture still images off of live TV.

Today was a bad day for Joe the Plumber.  Joe Wurzelbacher of Toledo, Ohio, had been filmed earlier in the week discussing with Obama the Democrat’s tax cut plan.  Last night McCain referred to Joe as Joe the Plumber some twenty times.  With that much attention given Joe in the debate the media was all over him today.  This is what they found:  Joe just doesn’t like to pay taxes at all, the Lucas county clerk has filed a Delinquency Notice on him for $1,200 in back taxes.  Joe is not a licenced plumber and neither is his boss, the only two employees of their plumbing company.  According to the Lucas county clerk, in Ohio plumbers are suppose to be licenced.

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