Anne’s MS 150 Ride Report


Mark and I completed the MS-150 a month ago.  To those of you who have already donated, a big Thank You!  However, our task is still not done.  We would like to ask you one more time to consider making a donation to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  


If you would like to make an on-line donation, you can go to either Mark’s or Anne’s donation web site, listed on the left side of this website.  The site is secure, so you don’t need to worry about your credit card information going astray.  If you’d rather pay by check, please put Mark’s or Anne’s name on the memo line.  Make the check out to NMSS and mail it to 1867 Lackland Hill Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63146.  We will be notified, so you will get one of our personalized Thank-you notes.  (Awesome, huh?)


Mark took a lot of pictures during the MS-150, but his big project was a video asking, “Why do you ride”?  The finished product is about 8 minutes long, and can be seen by clicking on this link


Here’s a little bit about the ride.  Each day you have a choice of riding 40, 75 or 100 miles.  Mark and I chose to do the 75 mile route both days.  Many of the Team Kaldi’s riders chose the century route one or both days.  That’s a goal for me for another year.  I was happy to complete the full 154 miles this year.  (75 or 77, you can’t quibble with the mileage until you get all the way back to the start!)  The weather was perfect and the rest stops every 8-12 miles were very welcome.  Each rest stop had its own theme, such as a Wild West Saloon, or Pirates, and the competition for the best rest stop was intense.  The terrain was hilly on both days, but the hardest hills were on the Southern route which we rode on Sunday this year, due to its proximity to the Mizzou football stadium.


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