Nijinski’s Hare

It was last Saturday morning when I was reading the Post-Dispatch, that I came upon a captioned photo of Nijinski’s Hare.  Nijinski’s Hare, pictured above, is a statue outside the hockey arena.  This large 10-foot rabbit sculpture is a playful interpretation of the famous Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky.  The sculpture is located across the street from the Scottrade Center.  Not remembering seeing the sculpture I decided to bike downtown to see it.  Saturday’s post later got distracted with dreams of buses falling off of roofs.

The statue is some what controversial.  I’m thinking now that hockey fans don’t get it and don’t like the reference to some Russian ballet dancer. By the way, those metal rectangular things behind the bunny are also sculptures.  They glow with pulsing, changing colors at night and steam comes out through the grates.  Maybe this is the real explanation: Nijinski’s Hare is in easy walking distance from the world headquarters of Energizer Batteries.

I rode Thursday morning in the Park and in the dark.  I got 15 miles.  There were many other cyclists burning their LED, halogen or HID lights.  It was the coolest so far this season, 49 degrees to start and 47 degrees at the end.  The moon was still quite full in the clear sky.  Washington University’s ROTC had formed up in the lower Muny lot eschewing the wet grass from Wednesday’s rain.  I ran into another track club coming up Wydown at seven AM.  I wonder if Andrew Cohen was in the pack?  He came by the house right after Wednesday’s night debate to pick up his new lap top and mentioned that he had gone out for cross country.

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