Sweat Louis

Until this week the typical St. Louis summer weather pattern was mostly absent.  Until this week that is.  It was only 80 this morning when I went biking in the park, but it was already was too sultry.   Last Saturday morning I ended up chasing and beating an old man.  This week it was a child, a boy about 12.  He was riding a bike that was older then he is, although it looked like it was good in its day.  I was cruising along just minding my own business when he passed me.  I remember thinking at the time that he is pretty fast for his age.  I also remember thinking that I can’t let this stand.  So I give chase and catch him and then pass him.  He hangs on for a while but eventually relents.  I’m pretty fast for my age too.  I’ve seen this boy before on some of the organized rides.  If he keeps riding, time is on his side and not mine.  I got 25 miles today and I did get passed later by an older young man.

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