I Scream for Ice Cream!

Today I did the Bicycle Fun Club’s Annie’s Custard Ride out of Edwardsville, IL.  I rode with Don and John, pictured above enjoying a repast at Annie’s.  Today’s weather was much better then yesterday’s, uunseasonably cool.  We launched at around eight from the Cyclery a rather nice looking bike shop.  I was good, even though they were open at eight on a Sunday morning.

The Donimatrix punished me severely today.  I guess that I’ve been a bad boy.  From the start he drove John and I at full tilt, passing everything in sight.  Then we hit the turn around point and realized that some of our speed was tailwind induced.  We slogged back with rhe wind now at our head.  The last rest break was at Annie’s.  We got 42 miles.

Afterwards we had lunch at a Culver’s.  Culver’s is sort of a family style fast food place.  There we met up with Jan, Dan, Greg and Jina, all Team Kaldi’s members.  They had brought beer to share.  Thank you, again!  Much better then Diet Mountain Dew.

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