I Know an Old Lady That Swallowed a Fly …

I know an old lady biker that swallowed a fly.  I think she’ll he’ll it die died.  Because of flying insects when you bike wear eye protection and breath through your teeth.  Or else!  Although I didn’t dodge the bug I did dodge the rain.  By the time I got the back door locked and was taking the recycling out the front door it had started to rain.  I got 15 miles in this morning.

In other news, Dave was officially accepted into the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the UofR.

Also, I learned today that on Monday Obama made an emergency landing in St. Louis.  After taking off from Chicago in his chartered MD-80 the rear escape chute deployed.  From the WSJ:

The National Transportation Safety Board said it found no evidence that the plane, which had previously been used by Sen. Hillary Clinton during her Democratic primary campaign, had been tampered with in any way. Rather, based on initial findings, it appears the unintentional deployment of an emergency-exit slide within the jet shortly after takeoff interfered with control cables used by the pilots to angle the plane up and down.

Encountering unusual “stiffness” with the plane’s controls, the pilots made an unscheduled stop in St. Louis rather than complete the Chicago to Charlotte, N.C., flight. In an interview after the incident, NTSB Chairman Mark Rosenker said the slide malfunction was a “highly unusual occurrence that we rarely, if ever, see,” and one that could have led to an accident.

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